Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tuna Salad

I made my own tuna salad recipe. It's nothing terribly special, but considering that I've eaten my fair share of tuna over my childhood (since it was inexpensive) I find that a variation on the theme is helpful!

First the ingredients: Tuna, Mayonnaise, Ranch Dressing, Pickles or relish, celery seed and Muskego Avenue Chicken and Fish Seasoning (Penzey's) .

Put a spoonful of mayo in the bowl, and use the same spoon to remove the drained tuna from the can (to eliminate extra dishes).  Add pickle relish with another spoon. (Note: I bought pickle relish in hopes of eliminating the step of cutting up a couple of sandwich pickle slices, the long ones. I have found that, yes, it is easier, but I like the taste of the dill pickles better than the sweet pickle relish. So, dicing dill pickles is perfectly fine and a better taste in my opinion.) 
Add a squirt of ranch dressing.
Add a dash of celery seed.
Add a dash of Muskego Ave (or salt, pepper, lemon peel or juice, and a small sprinkle of garlic.)

 Mix together.

Serve on bread or crackers. 
I have discovered that I really like the rosemary and olive oil flavored woven wheat crackers, but I also like the round wheat crackers (commonly known as Ritz, but I buy generic brands and save the money).

The kids really like these too. 

I have been making terryaki stir fry mix to go with my tuna salad. The kids haven't developed a taste for it yet, but I enjoy it, and it makes an easy and nutritious lunch.

 I need to make bread pudding with these leftover bagels. Maybe I'll post that next time. Or maybe my attempt at making granola breakfast cereal.

Enjoy the tuna salad!

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